Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympics: The Party Wraps Up!

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The party wrapped up last night. That's it everyone. The Olympics have now finished. Everyone is (sadly) going back to reality. No more red-and-white lala land yelling on the main streets and high fiving strangers. It's okay though. It was a hell of a party. Here are some of my favourite and not so favourite moments:

Biggest Surprises
- How amazing our city looked for 17 days! I felt like a tourist in Vancouver, and I've lived here most of my life. It just goes to show you, sometimes you need new eyes to look at something through.

- The out and out patriotism. Canadians are known to advertise these things all over the place. Which is why it was surprising to see how riled up everyone was.

- Curling is exciting! Especially if you throw in Norwegian curling pants!

Most emotional moments
- The unexpected death of the Georgian Luger. Our hearts really did go out to the family, team and country.

- The performance by Joannie Rochette, her mother having passed away just days before the short programme. I think we all wanted to cry with her.

- The silver in Women's curling. We almost had it in the bag, but we had a worthy opponent.

- The interview with Frederic Bilodeau and Alex after the first Gold on home soil. Never been happier!

- The narrow win against our worthy adversaries, the USA in Hockey last night.

- Anything speed-skating related. That sport leaves me with no fingers!

- The stunning Opening Ceremonies, and especially the poem by Shane Kocyzan.

- Beating the record for the most golds ever.

- Winning gold in hockey (both men's and women's). We are really cocky about it being our game. Glad to know we're not full of hot air. But we'll stay humble.

- The random drunk Americans on the skytrain who decided to pole-dance. Made for an entertaining ride home!

- Concerts! so many concerts!

Embarrassing Moments
- The Closing Ceremonies. After pretty much telling the world that we're more than Moose and Mounties, we did exactly that. I know it was in the vein of poking fun at ourselves, but it was a tad over the top. They may as well have showered the audience with maple syrup!

- John Furlong's terrible French! My God, man...if Jacques Rogge is going to laugh at you, that should tell you something!

Things that I'd like to see stick around:
- A festive atmosphere in the city. We're known to be the most laid back in a sense, and I like when the city comes alive.

- We really don't want to give the Street Car back to Belgium. It makes it ever so easy to get to Granville Island. Can we please keep it? please?

What to be most thankful for:
- Volunteers. The smurfs were so helpful in helping everyone get everywhere and putting together these events.

- The opportunity to host the world. See? Canada is much more than moose and mounties (ignore the closing ceremonies).

- Canadian Pride. We have it now!

All in all, very successful, given the few glitches. I'd love to hear what the rest of you thought of these Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.


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I just watched online the torch lighting in Vancouver for the Paralympics. It's a smaller affair, and of course gets less coverage, (sadly), but is there any remaining excitement in the atmosphere in Vancouver for those games now?