Sunday, March 28, 2010

Movin' on Up!

As promised, yours truly has moved over to a new blog! (I'm a real boy now!)

You can find me at Speak Softly and Carry a Red Pen (someone took strawberryghetto at wordpress! scoundrel!)

This means:

1. If you look up Strawberry Ghetto, all you'll ever end up with is old blog entries. Which is fine if you want to live in the past, but you'll be missing all the action.

2. You should update your bookmarks, stat.

3. I'll be updating things over the next few weeks. It looks a little lame at the moment, but things will change, and become awesome as it were. So just bear with me.

4. I still want you all to visit. And hopefully we'll have more fun!

5. You can give suggestions of things you want to see on the blog, and I'll do my best to Oblige.