Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympicking Part 2: The Concerts!

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The second week of the 2010 Olympics has been rather laid back, as the craziness on the streets starts to fade. It's raining again, as is usual for Vancouver in February. The stunning weather we got last week is very unusual, and really is more of a treat for our visiting parties here.

Last week was a complete overload. I was totally overstimulated from the going out all the time. In any case, we hit some fantastic concerts, and got to cheer on our teams as it were. A few pictures of our concerts are below. It was freezing. We stood for 3 or 4 hours at a time. And I had a massive headache every single time afterwards (Thank you, smokers of all kinds). But I wouldn't trade it.

Livecity Vancouver to watch the Hockey Game. Not really a concert. But this should be a small idea of what the vibe is like in the city. All you have is a sea of red and white (and black puffy vests, which are a staple if you're a Vancouverite)

The Canadian Tenors. They sang Queen's "We Are the Champions" and we all waved our red mittens. Awesome concert!

A group from Eastern Canada called DRUM! It tells the story of the cultures in the East, combining Gospel and Celtic traditions, and then adding our other tiles of the Mosaic, South Asian and Asian cultures (Taiko and Dhol).

Our Lady Peace concert. This is a very blurry Raine Maida, but you get the idea. Really high energy and awesome live concert. They sang old school and new school stuff, which was great!

The Arkells opened for Our Lady Peace. They're a great live band. Great sound and rock out music. I'd highly recommend getting their music.
I missed concerts by Sam Roberts and Wintersleep, which I really wanted to attend, but that's alright. I think I've pretty much surpassed my yearly concert going quota. Some fantastic events going on around town until Saturday night. I'm hoping to make it to one more at least!
This should give you a taste of how things have been around here. I'll do one final post, wrapping up our Olympic good times in Vancouver. Wish you had all been here to experience it!


Karim Kanji said...


You are so lucky/fortunate. Damn! I shoulda tried harder coming to VanCity.

you guys did a great job hosting the world! good on ya!

Are you going to be posting ALL your pictures?

Mehnaz said...

Hey KK,

thanks! It was fab having such a full town. Really awesome.

I'm posting pics on FB. Check out my album :)