Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympicking Part 1

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As promised, here are some shots of our first Olympic weekend. The fam and I took to the streets to take in all the sights. Obviously there are more pictures than just this selection, but here's a good starter.

Lineups are mad, weather is gorgeous. Volunteers are actually saying, "Welcome to the Summer Olympics!" It's fabulous and too much fun.

Concord Pacific Place by Science World (that weird looking dome, which is now converted to Russia House, anticipating the games in Sochi 2014)

The hoards of people taking the skytrain at Granville Skytrain station. So far no major issues, but then again I haven't actually been on it post-event yet.

The giant Canadian flag strapped across a building on Georgia Street. Talk about big Canadian pride.

Ziplining on Robson Square just by the outdoor Ice Rink! For those who aren't deathly afraid of heights (so NOT me), you can give it a shot. Looks like fun. Terrifying fun.

The Olympic Cauldron, currently fenced off, so this is the best I can do at 5'2". Pretty good, I say!
More shots coming up in the next few days as we hit other houses and venues!


Lindsey said...

It must be SO exciting to be there front and center for all the olympic activity! So jealous.

Sabera said...

Nice pics Mehnaz! My husband is OBSESSED with the Olympics. He's even asked me to plan a Seattle + Vancouver trip. I'll share this post with him for sure... :-)

Mehnaz said...

Thanks Both!

It's a thrill and a half
so much Canadian spirit bursting in the streets, random renditions of the national anthem, big screens everywhere!

More to come :)