Monday, February 1, 2010

Ocam's Razor or Nobody Likes a Drama Queen

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Dear Women:

I've been talking to a lot of you on and off throughout my life and I've noticed a couple of things. Some of you really like drama. You collect drama like I used to collect Pogs back in the day. Molehills very quickly turn into mountains in one fell swoop. And then we analyse.
And analyse and analyse and analyse.

This is not always a good thing. It's really not. Trust me.

All the time you spend analysing the hell out of things (and mostly, I find this revolves around relationships of all kinds), you could be doing something else that's probably a lot more productive.

I know, most of you will say it's in your nature to do so. And that you can't help going through the "What's he thinking? and "What shall I do next?" thought processes, while you eat mountains of ice cream and your girlfriends give you all kinds of endings to scenarios that don't exist in the first place. But let me tell you, most of the time, the agony amounts to nothing.

Let's all remember Ocam's Razor: entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem. In other words, entities must not be multiplied beyond their necessity. There's no use making a big deal out of something that isn't. Or, the simplest answer is often the best one.

We're all allowed moments where we feel like the world just caved in on itself. But it's very healthy to maintain a bit of perspective here. Whine and moan for a while, then get over it, and get on with your fabulous life (whatever you do). You are allowed to make a big deal out of something like: your long-lost dog coming home, or inventing a non-caloric but delicious cheesecake, or getting engaged or if your house indeed does cave in.

You are not allowed to make a big deal about the lack of phone calls from the fellow, or your heels getting wet, or how your can't read your boyfriend's mind. Got it?

We're starting off February, and I think it's best we do it on an empowered sort of note. We must promise ourselves not to overreact and to maintain perspective in our lives. The drama is often just not worth it really. It's cause for more anxiety. And worrying gives you wrinkles. You don't want those either.

Boys, this applies to you too (perhaps not the heels getting wet part). So man up, sort yourselves out and get going.

That's it from me today. I hope everyone has an enjoyable February 1st!



Karim Kanji said...

Was I supposed to read this? And by I, I don't mean me. I mean the collective "I". I don't think I was supposed to read this. And I mean I as in me. Anyways, no big deal. I won't worry about what you think of me reading a blog post addressed to women. Really. I was just curious what you guys (I mean girls) talk about. Ok. Bye.

Mehnaz said...

KK - You're always welcome to read blog posts. There's a section for dudes at the bottom. So it's alright. I won't hold it against you!

Emily Jasper said...

Not to miss the whole rest of the post, BUT I HAD POGS TOO!!! Ok, just had to get that out of my system...

Sameer Vasta said...


Boys, this applies to you too (perhaps not the heels getting wet part). So man up, sort yourselves out and get going.

Yeah, I needed to read that today. Thanks.

Mehnaz said...

Em - I'm glad you could get excited about pogs. Next blog topic will involve a reference to slap bracelets. I look forward to your enthusiasm :)

Vasta - we all need that once in a while :) Hope your day is going well!

Heather Conroy said...

Amen to all that Mehnaz!

Claire V said...

A-MEN. Thanks for this! Drama is so counterproductive 98% of the time. Vent/work out/whatever, then get on with your life, people.

Mehnaz said...

Thanks Heather and Claire. it's quickly becoming part of life for me!