Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy 4th Blogiversary and Why I Love Being Canadian

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It's been crazy days these last 4 years as I think back. I almost can't believe that I started blogging back in 2006. I'm even more surprised that I've lasted this long. Who knew that something I was doing just as an outlet because of a horrendously difficult occupation I had would turn into something that I love doing? Life takes us on weird turns. Who knows maybe one day I might actually stop blogging. But I doubt that day is coming soon.

What I love about blogging the most is that I can express myself - fully and unabashadly. For those of you who have had the chance to meet me, you'll know I'm a big fan of candour. If you meet me in public, I talk like this. This is my voice. I don't think, other than singing, I've fully been able to express myself. Running from the contemplative to the crazy, I've been all over the place. And what's more is that people read and I have made some great friends over the years as I've been blogging. So a big thank you to those who drop by this space to see what crazy shenanigans I've been up to :)

I'm looking to take it to the next level now. I'd love suggestions on content you might want to see or things that I should talk about more. Should I start an advice column? Should I have guest-bloggers more often? Should I start a photo feature? Let me know! I love interact with you folks.

And now, I'm going to brag a bit about my country. Thanks for bearing with me.

Since the Vancouver 2010 Olympics started, I haven't spoken much about our national pride. It's probably because we're Canadian and we don't really announce it to the world all the time. The Prime Minister had to beg us before the games actually began. And I think that uncharacteristic burst of patriotism may even have offended countries who weren't used to the nice Canadians trash-talking. But that's another story.

My family came to Canada nearly two decades ago. And up until the year 2000, I never felt at home here. It's a beautiful city, but part of me was always tied to the fact that I had no home city for many years. I chose not to get attached (in case I had to leave again). For those of you who have visited, you can attest to how beautiful it is. I only started to see value in it when I turned 18. Many Canadians will tell you that there is nothing like breathing in the air and thinking "I'm home" as you approach your airport.
Now I know, that if and when I leave (which will hopefully be soon), I'll always come back "home" because my family and friends are here. The streets I've walked a million times are here too. My knowledge base comes from here. My outlook on life is probably about as Canadian as I'm ever going to get.

I love being Canadian because it agrees with my sensibilities. I can be friendly without being weird; I can be interesting because I have a background that fits into a cultural and respected mosaic; I can be proud because we do good things; I can make change and work with many ideas and viewpoints respectfully; And I can show off just a little bit because my country is one of the best to live in (albeit a little bit cold at times).

I love being Canadian. We like our Hockey, we like our coffee (and our beer, but I don't drink) and we love our flag. So if you meet a Canadian, high five them. We're worth getting to know :)


Sameer Vasta said...

High five!

And congratulations on your blogiversary! Thanks for sharing so much goodness with us over these past four years. (Or, at least, the past year for me. I haven't know you that long!)

Funny you should write about Canadian pride today — I did the same, this morning. I'm glad the Olympics are making proud Canadians step out and say something good about our country.

Sabera said...

CONGRATS on 4 years of blogging Mehnaz! You're probably one of the few non-marketing bloggers I know who has had a blog for this long. Thanks for all the amazing ideas you've shared since I've known you. Your writing is refreshing and unpretentious (I'm seeing the latter in blogs way too much lately).

And yeah - High five! Here's to patriotism!!

Lindsey said...

You make me want to be Canadian!
I had no idea you were blogging for so long! I guess I should've known by looking at your archives but I'm very impressed!

Happy 4th :)

Emily Jasper said...

Yay! Happy blogiversary! And well, I love Canadians. Maybe because of the bacon? :)

Beth said...

Rock on! Happy 4 years of blogging bliss :) I have certainly enjoyed having you as my (sadly) only Canadian friend. BUT I hope to have you around for awhile, and maybe I will make it to your wonderful city.
Would love to guest post for you any time - and I actually really love the pictures too :)


Mehnaz said...

Vasta - High five back, and thanks for your comments! Glad to connect with you, my fellow Canuck!

Sabera- You're too sweet. And thanks for checking in, and for our amazing food chats :)

Lindsey - Thanks! You're an honourary Canadian (or Canadienne...we speak french too!)

Em - Thanks for liking our Bacon, much appreciated! LOL

Beth - I'd love to have you guest-post one of these days. Maybe I'll start a sam inspired "revolution" of some kind :) Happy to be your friend, and hope to have you come visit sometime!

Karim Kanji said...


High Five to you too!

Great patriotic post Mehnaz. I'm so looking forward to seeing your Olympic posts.

And Happy Blogday as well. Four years?!? I didn't even know the internet was that old ;p

Be well.


Sam said...

Happy Blogiversary!! Four years? Wow, my one year looks like nothin' compared to yours! Seriously though, I'm glad that you have come to enjoy blogging so much. Also, love your patriotism and the way you wrote about your country. I've been to Vancouver, and it's a pretty special place. Of course, it was long before I knew you, so I might have to go back :)

Mehnaz said...

KK - I hear that the interwebs are older! Thanks! And yes, another Olympic post coming up this week!

Sam - thank you! Your blog is great! I'm sure that you've got much more to give, and I'm looking forward to much more :)
And yes, another visit sometime :)