Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: A Cup of Kindness Yet

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First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that this year brings lots of joy, success and strength to all of my readers. Here's to a wonderful 2010 that will continue to bring prosperity and happiness to everyone :)

As promised, I'm chronicling our cleansing ceremony. I wasn't sure for a while if I was going to do it, but I decided that it seemed like the right time. No I didn't cry, but it was harder than I actually thought. So here are some pictures of what went down. Don't worry I'll explain.

At about 11:45, we lit a brand new white candle outside in the pouring rain (probably fitting since we're washing away the old. I figured the white candle would a good omen for purity.

Last year, my cousin had given me a 2009 Dalai Lama calender with bits of wisdom on it for the whole year. I carefully collected a few of these over the last month or so. I figured writing on the back of these pieces of paper would probably be a good way to go. Some of them were really sort of fitting for where we want to go.
Zoyah and I both wrote 5 things we wanted to let go of before the new year, and 4 things we wish for the new year. They weren't necessarily resolutions but more ways of being. We wrote these on said pieces of the calendar. This was actually much harder and much more emotional than either one of us thought. Putting things down on paper means that at some point they're true. It's difficult to face it. It's like someone telling you how you are. This took a while.

And so they burned.

And burned

The last one of them burned out just before midnight hit. Perfect timing. No fire hazards. Patio still intact.

Ashes to ashes. Here are the last vestiges of what was left. Cinders. Lucky us. It was all done with and then we went to sleep knowing that we're starting anew.
I might have to do one of these before the next decade is up (ack! I'll be almost 40!). It's actually quite liberating. I'm not one for resolutions and all of that business, but there's nothing like out with the old, in with the new.
That was my year. Now I'm ready for 2010 and am planning to hit the ground running. Well, that's it for me folks. I'll be off now to continue my day. Have a wonderful day everyone!


Sabera said...

Happy New Year to you & Zoyah! (Btw Zoyah has been a name I've reserved for when I have a daughter, after watching a Pakistani soap - Dhoop Kinarey - when I was a kid). This is quite an interesting tradition you have every year. And completely agree with things being true when you write them down. A big reason why blogging tends to clear my head so effectively. Here's to a year full of amazing experiences!

Sam said...

Happy New Year! This sounds like a beautiful tradition, and I love the way you told it through words and pictures. Thanks so much for sharing, and all the best in 2010 :)

Sameer Vasta said...

Four days into 2010 — have you hit the ground running? Excited to hear about your new adventures this year!

Karim Kanji said...

I figured I should comment to break up this "new" tradition of having only people whose names start with "s" comment on your blog....

Thanks for sharing this with us.

I look forward to following your journey here in the Ghetto!

Mehnaz said...

Sabera - Happy new Year to you too! I agree, blogging is a great "personal diary". And Zoyah was named after a book my mum read when she was expecting. Funny eh?

Sam - a happy new year to you :) Thanks for taking part in my journey with me!

Sameer - I'm already running at Warp speed! I hope your new years weekend was a blast. I'm looking forward to lots more and I hope you are too!

KK - You would break that trend! I'm looking forward to lots of "Inspirations" from you as well :)

Beth said...

Another amazing post. I am so glad you also have a tradition for resolutions! My husband and I spent the new year in San Fran *you and i were in the same times zone!* and we did our usual tradition of writing resolutions down on paper, and tearing them up and throwing them in the water. It is really healing and surprisingly purifying. All the best for you my dear in 2010.

Mehnaz said...

Thanks Beth!
So glad you got a chance to clear out the "clutter" from the year before. Best of for 2010!