Monday, November 23, 2009

Open to Opportunity: What I Admire about Oprah and Kristin Cavallari

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I've been mulling over this post for a few days and I finally decided to sit down and write it.

I know you all heard last week that Oprah Winfrey will be retiring her show in September 2011. She says that she can feel in her bones that it's time for a change and that this feels like a good thing to be doing. This must be hard after 25 years, I'm sure. It's practically your child by that point.

So then you must be wondering why I would dare put Television Royalty's name next to Television common folk, often starring in the lowest common denominator available: reality TV. But you all know that I'm a fan of reality TV and my life is (thankfully) not nearly enough drama as that.

Some of you may know Kristin Cavallari from MTV's The Hills. She joined the cast after the departure of Lauren Conrad as the new crap stirrer.

There is something I think the two women have in common. Their ability to be open to new opportunities. While this may be different types of opportunity (new media endeavours and new men, respectively), you have to admire the fact that they realize when something has reached its expiry date. They create a space for something else at that point.

We could all stand to learn a few things from that. No matter how long we've been attached to an idea, be it 25 years or less, sometimes it's important to put the security blanket of an idea aside so you can be open to new things in your life, even if they're a bit scary. It's not only important for personal growth, it allows you the option of different perspectives and helps you step out of the box.

After all, you wouldn't hang on to stale bread forever, would you? So why hang on to a stale idea?

It's one of the lessons I've learned this year, and plan to take with me into 2010, which, I hope will suck a little less.

There are two steps to the process of letting go: one is actually letting go, and the second is being open to the possibility of new, wonderful things happening to you.

Okay, I've said my bit. I'm off to do some work now :) Later taters!


Karim Kanji said...

I lived your dream last week: Went to the live taping of The Hills Aftershow on the 17th. check out @a2bnow's twitter video to catch us on the front row. I'm NOT a fan. why did i go? Free tickets and a chance to have have fun at the weird things in life....

Mehnaz said...

KK- I need to move to Toronto.

Dean Sanderson said...

i pity the network that is going to lose Oprah; that can't be good for ratings

Sam said...

Love this post! You definitely found something that two very different woman have in common, and it's something that all women can relate to/be jealous of not having. Being open to new opportunities and not being afraid of change is so vital to living a full life, but it can also be scary. Following their example is a great thing to take with you into 2010. I too hope that next year sucks less than this one. It's pretty much impossible for it to suck more! One more thing, the Hills is my guilty pleasure show...we should chat :)

Mehnaz said...

Dean - or we could all be open to the possibility of a new, wonderful show to take the timeslot.

Sam - thanks for commenting! 2009 was an interesting year. Lots of lessons to learn, hopefully we'll be applying those soon! We should definitely chat about the Hills sometime soon :)

Beth Oppenheim said...

Mehnaz... amazing amazing post madam. As you may know I also enjoy the world of reality trash/tv. I think its a good point to be made though - grasping at opportunity and not being afraid of it.
Love the writing style :)

Mehnaz said...

Thanks Beth!

Despite its total inaneness, Reality TV really does give us pause for thought sometimes :)