Tuesday, November 3, 2009

High School High?

Current Mood: a tad curmudgeonly.

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As in my usual way, I sat down at my computer yesterday morning. I am not a morning person and the fog of sleep hadn't yet lifted. I signed on to messenger as per usual and suddenly at 7:30 in the morning, I get a message from a friend : "Did you get the invite??"

"What invite? what are you talking about? I don't even know what your name is, it's so early."

"Check your email!" He says.

Clearly something exciting is going on. Some people have abnormal levels of enthusiasm in the morning. So I check my email.

Sure enough, I have a Facebook invite waiting in my inbox.

For my Highschool Reunion.

That's right. Apparently a decade went by while I was asleep.

I've grappled with the question practically since graduation about whether to go or not. Usually I sided on the "go" team. Part of me feels like being selfish and bragging. About what? I'm not sure. There must be something.

Then there's the grumpy teenager that still lurks around from time to time, that can't be bothered with it. Don't get me wrong. High school wasn't a total waste of time. I had some good friends. And then there were those atrocious moments *cough* gym class *cough* I was happy to start my new life once I graduated.

When I was younger, I had assumed, I might have all the necessary things in place. Now that I'm less than a year away, I realize it might take me a little while until the UN hires me. And probably a little while longer to be in escrow. And maybe a few years still until I win the Pulitzer. Ah the pipe dreams of a young idealist.

I haven't gone at all the way I thought I would be going. Not that I'm not proud of myself. Sometimes it takes a while to believe I've accomplished something in my life. We never really look at the whole retrospective at once do we? I'm sure there are highlights in there somewhere. Perhaps the publishing and the grad degree could stand on their own.

So at the end of it all, I joined the group. I might go. If I can find something nice to wear.


Sameer Vasta said...

My high school reunion takes place next summer, and I'll admit that at first, I was thinking the same thing: I haven't done everything that I had set out to do back then.

Then I thought to myself: I may not have done everything I had planned, but I do have stories to tell and experiences to share. Most importantly, though, I want to hear about the stories and experiences of my classmates.

You can always learn so much from the people from your past — it gives you some insight on how you've grown as well.

Enjoy your reunion!

Mehnaz said...

That's a good way of thinking about it, Vasta.
Thanks :)

Karim Kanji said...

M - Interesting take on high school reunions. Both of you should feel blessed. I still haven't received my invite and the last time I was in H.S. was before the Blue Jays won their first World Series....

Oh well.

Mehnaz said...

KK - I'm working up the courage to face my own insecurities with this looming reunion.

I have no idea what any of this blue jays business would be, but i'm going to assume that was a long time ago!