Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Giving Thanks on The Examiner!

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I'm lucky enough to know a bunch of really cool folks on Brazen Careerist this year. Over the year that I have been interacting with Brazen, I have gotten to know lots of interesting folks. One of my fellow Brazens, Sharalyn Hartwell, who works as a columnist for The Examiner is doing a fabulous project in honour of Thanksgiving Day. You can read all about it in her column.

Now I know it's not the Thanksgiving Day holiday for us folks up here in Canada, but there's always a reason to be grateful. Today, I'm a featured blogger on the Gen Y Gives Thanks project. You can read all about what I'm thankful for here.

And of course a big gob of gratitude to Sharalyn, who is working so hard to put these out every day. Please do check in with her column often as she has lots of fabulous posts from bloggers just like me :)