Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ForeignPolicyCamp 2009

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I just wanted to write a short note that next week, there's a great event coming up for folks who are development/ foreign policy nerds like myself. ForeignPolicyCamp will be taking place next Monday November 30th from 9-5. In Vancouver, they'll be at Harbour Centre.

This event is being put on by Canada's World, a wonderful organization. The camp is basically going to be asking questions about Canada's role in the world, and the direction of Canadian Foreign Policy. For those of you who don't know what a camp is, there are no tents or marshmallows involved. It's an unconference that will have open sessions, a media lab and case studies. You can choose what you'd like to attend. Some of the topics include engagement in Afghanistan, Africa, Arctic Security, The role of Artists on the international front and tons more.

If you're not in Vancity, there are camps also happening in Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal. We'll all be connected virtually, and it'll be a really fun learning experience. Information about tickets and registration is available on the website

There is also a cool flickr campaign where you can add your policy priorities on to a joint flickr group.

I'll be attending. And hopefully be reporting back the following day. Just a word in. Please let your fellow policy nerdlies know :)

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miraj k said...


pls. also join us during the open session on 'Canada and ICT for [International] Development'.

Mehnaz said...

Thanks Miraj!