Monday, October 12, 2009

Why Your Girl Friends Sometimes Give the Worst Relationship Advice

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Contrary to popular belief, I'm not the raging intellectual that everyone thinks I am. Well, okay, I'm not the raging intellectual all the time. I have my deliciously sinful reality TV addiction. In that vein, while I was making dinner the other day, I was watching an old episode of Laguna Beach. Now if you've ever watched that show, you know that it's mostly about "hooking up" with guys. This time however two girls were discussing if some guy liked one of them. And of course, like most girl friends do, one was offering her advice. She said something to the effect of "Of course he likes you. You can totally tell by the way he looks at you!"

This little episode got me to thinking about my own experiences. We spent most of my grade 12 year dissecting what the boy I liked did for any sign that he fancied me. It was the one guy I ever liked in high school and that was it. Since then, we've spent our time dissecting relationships. And giving each other advice.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my girl friends. But in all honesty, that advice can be dead off because we're always trying to read between the lines for things that might not exist in the first place. It's in our nature and we do it rather without thinking about it. But at the same time, it's not accurate. Just because he texted you "Merry Christmas" does not mean that he wants you to have his babies. I'm just sayin'

I'm pretty sure the world would be a happier place if we all stopped trying to see more than what actually exists. My guy friends will impart such knowledge. As will my married girl friends. They have been there and done that and are willing to share their no-drama ways with you. And my guy friends? It's the only straight advice I can ever get.

Girl friends are great for all sorts of advice and are available post-haste during a break up and to celebrate your milestones with you. They're even good with a little perspective about relationships and telling you that you deserve better. But if you're trying to read between the lines, it's best you don't and go the straight-forward route.

And that's it for me. Signing off. Have a great Thanksgiving, my Canadian Friends :)