Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Have a Gift and I Know How to Use It!

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Sorry I've been out for a while folks. I ran out of ideas and then I got in a funk. I should be back now, I think.

Yesterday was a baking day over at my house again. You all know that I have a very talented sister and mother who are avid bakers. You also know that I hate baking but am an avid eater of it. If there was a Department of Ironic Punishments in my version of hell, it would probably involve baking...and gym class (Yes it's Treehouse of Horrors time).

In any case, I stumbled my way through baking, keeping up with my quick and deftly moving mother and finishing a bunch of cake in record time. Just because I dislike something doesn't mean I can't be good at it. Right?
Well. I guess.

This was the result of "dirty icing" the cake (which is essentially a preliminary coating of icing before the good stuff). It looks like it was attacked by wild dogs, but it got the job done. Good.

And this is what I thought of it. Boo-urns indeed!

But in true, introspective Mehnaz style, it did get me thinking about inate gifts. It is evident that I don't have a gift for baking. I find it kind of a little bit boring. My sister and mother however, find the whole ordeal from melting the butter to cleaning the bowl at the end.
My gift? Well I like to write. And I think, I'm not half bad at it. So It's a testament that if you love something, you should just go for it. It's the one time my head goes out the window and I fall in love with what I'm doing. Life is really just too short not to love what you do. We don't know if we only live once. But why risk leaving it until the next lifetime?
In related news, I signed up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I don't know what I'll be writing about and I have no idea how this is going to go down, but what have I got to lose? Wish me luck! I'll be updating my progress :)
Curious about the finished cake product? Check out Honey Tops in the next few days ")


Sabera said...

Hmm.. you're truly fortunate to know what your true gift is. For most it takes a lifetime. I still have no clue what mine is. I'm beginning to think maybe it's my sense of humor. :-)

Good luck with the writing! Good vibes coming your way from me...

And that iced cake doesn't look that bad!

Mehnaz said...

Thanks S!
All's I know is, I won't be opening a bakery any time soon :)

I love what I do. And that's all that matters...