Monday, September 14, 2009

Hey Pretty Boy! You Need a Nerdy Girl!

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A brief encounter with a fellow blogger and brazen careerist about the virtues of nerdy women got me to thinking about my own nerdiness. As one of many, I am dedicated this blog post to extolling the virtues of cool nerds (like me). I think everyone should date a nerd at least once in their life. Here are my reasons why you might benefit from the underrated and understated, yet oh so cool nerdy girl!

1. We are well-versed in something - It's not all style, no substance with us. Whether we're versed in the art of the PS2, have read every single classic imaginable or love the Simpsons, we have an interest other than weekend bar hops. We might have large collection of vintage tshirts or records or bottle caps! We're good at what we do too and will regale you with entertaining stories or at the very least, quote TV characters to make you laugh ("Welcome to Itchy and Scratchy Land; Where nothing could possibli go wrong. Possibly go wrong. That's the first thing that's ever gone wrong!")

2. We value relationships - In highschool, we weren't popular. We didn't have a boyfriend every other week and we certainly didn't go around the block any number of times. We've watched from afar for many years, and we think we understand it. We won't drop our lives to if you pay us a little attention (we're too secure for that now). But we will value what time we have with you, and trust me, we're pretty entertaining.

3. We are NOT boring - Most of us have a lot to say. And a lot of it is not obscure. We throw in the occasional trekkie reference, maybe, but on the whole, we're thoughtful and sincere and are down with a lively conversation or debate anytime. We're far from boring, because we enjoy all manner of different activities from Jazz festivals to Farmers Markets. Some of us are even athletic (who'da thunk it!).

4. You can take us home to mom! - When we were younger, we spent a lot of time with our families, and so we value family. You'll never have to think twice about letting us meet your mother. We're quirky, but we can tone it down. Besides our parents taught us how to respect adults and so we know to help clear the table or to talk to your mom about where she got that vase. Trust us, she'll like us!

5. We're in it for the long haul! - We don't like dating a million people at once. We find it energy zapping and kind of tedious. We won't step out on you. We know we've got a good thing going. It took us so long to find you, so we won't just cast you by the wayside.

So here it is. On behalf of all the nerdy women out there, give a nerd a chance! We're pretty awesome and make for some interesting conversation :) So go on, then!

That's it from me. I'll write again soon :) Happy monday everyone!


Lance said...

Hey girl, wanted to stop by and say hello. Great post on nerdy girls. I think you touched a nerve. So, why do you call it Strawberry Ghetto?

Mehnaz said...

Hey Lance! thanks for stopping by.
Strawberry Ghetto comes from how my family says "Gateau"...once we were asked to pull the "Ghetto" out of the fridge, and that's what inspired it, kooky accents :)
See you on Brazen!

Anonymous said...

Heyy Girl i just wanted to stop by and say i love ur post. And i wanted to know how can a guy like me attcact a good girl nerd type? I mean like im not really tha type for school or stydying, and im a huge hip-hop rapp fan anddont listen to too many other genre. And I wasnt really the outkast or the "cool kids" type i got along woit alot of difrrent type of ppl and i didnt see me ass being ppular. Anyways im currently looking forward to moving to chicago after my paramedict train at job corp and im done playng with the stuck up types amnd i really just want a Gorgeous, smart, caring nerdy chick.