Friday, September 4, 2009

Calgary Pictorial

Current Mood: exhausted

Current Song: inteha by Jagjit Singh.

Sorry I haven't written for a while guys. I just got back from Calgary. Despite my initial apprehension to go, I had a really good time and have gained a new appreciation for trucks, and wide roads and flat land. Not to mention, the no-tax awesomeness.

Instead of going on about the trip, I thought I'd share some pictures with you folks. Enjoy!

This is the Buddha from my Aunt's kitchen (which I will one day pilfer).

Rocky Mountains on the way to Banff (I rode up front in massive truck!)

Barbecue fires with clearly too much butane or whatever they use...

My cousin's stupid sense of humour (refer to previous post about boys being gross)...

Calgary city lights by night, with no tripod and a moving car...and my shakey hands. It's a cool picture anyway.
Anyways folks, hope you enjoyed the pictorial. Will write again, and soon!


Sameer Vasta said...

Welcome back! Thanks for sharing the photos, that last one is trippy but really cool.

Mehnaz said...

Thanks Vasta!
Glad to be back :)