Thursday, August 20, 2009

Look Ma! No Car!

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Terribly sorry for not having blogged in such a very long time. August has been a bit of a whack job and I've been out and about and trying to do things every day for the last couple of weeks. As you know, I'm going to Alberta until the beginning of September, for what my family deems a well deserved holiday (I am yet to be convinced of its deservedness). Nevertheless, I'm off in about 2 days (packing yet to commence).

Yesterday, my sister and I got up to some trouble and tried out the Canada Line for the first time. It's the new line of the skytrain system in Vancouver that now links Vancouver International Airport to Downtown Vancouver. It is apparently, the first of its kind in Canada (woo Olympics for expediting a rapid transit system and simultaneously burdening us with debt!). It's such a lot of hassle to get to the airport, given the state of the narrowly crowded roads going there. And parking is even worse and exorbitantly pricey.

So I thought I'd share some pics of the journey, given that I'm taking it again in two days to go to the Airport, which I love so. Here goes!

We begin at Waterfront Station. Look! It's showing the time the train arrives, just like in London (Only the station doesn't smell like pee)...

And now we have a view of the Fraser River as we zoom on past. The train is underground for the most part through downtown and then goes back above ground once further south.

They even have self-check in along the stations for those heading in the direction of the Airport. Very convenient if you're in a rush or don't want to bother with people or something.

Okay, so this last one doesn't have anything to do with the Canada Line. But we had a craving for sushi, so we went to Kimono on West Pender and Granville after our escapades. We used to go here in ye olde choir days so it was great.
Okay folks, I'm off to do some packing (now, where did I put that suitcase...?). I shall blog from Calgary with pics, hopefully of exciting adventures (hah!). And I shall see you back in Vancouver in Early September! Go Team!


Sameer Vasta said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time in Alberta!