Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Be Brazen With Me and Brazen Careerist

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Current Song: Midnight in her Eyes by Joe Henry

Hello from Calgary! We've been here a few days, and mostly we've shopped. I even got a nice belt, so now I don't have to hold up my pants with rope! (Score!!).

Today I'm writing on behalf of my friends at Brazen Careerist. As a Gen Y (aged 19 to 30), we are increasingly managing our careers and reputations online (how NOT to have your boss see drunken pictures of last Friday night). With the advent of things like facebook and twitter, there is a need to create a sense of community. Being online is simultaneously isolating and overwhelming.

I joined Brazen a few months ago and have found a wonderful sense of community, with the staff and friends. I even totally got a feature blog on there! The launch promises some excellent features including a personal feed and the chance to create a professional resume. But beyond all that, you can connect with people from all walks of life (i've connected with fellow humanitarians, book lovers, writers and of course music lovers).

So whether you're job hunting, or need to connect and network with folks in your industry, come over and join Brazen. I'd love to more Canadians on there too! Come on over and join the Brazen network. We're all in it together :)

Until later this week, ciao!