Sunday, July 26, 2009

Post 38: Rumi: Your Fragrance

I'm not much for Rumi and sufi poetry on a daily basis. It's too floaty floaty for me and I have to be in the right state of mind to truly enjoy it. Last year, though, I had a chance to sing with the National Choir and we sang a piece of Rumi's poetry transcribed to music.
It was arranged by Ed Henderson (of Vancouver Chamber Choir fame) and translated by Coleman Barks. It's stuck with me for such a long time now. Thought I'd share.

Your Fragrance

Your fragrance fills the meadow
Your mouth appears in a red anemone.
But when those reminders leave,
My own lips open
And in whatever I say
I hear you.

Pretty right?


Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous verse!
And to hear it sung would have been beautiful!

It also reminds me of a poem that another friend shared with me by Michael Ondaatje called "The Cinnamon Peeler." Do you know this one? It has a similar sensuality to it, I think.

Mehnaz said...

I do know it! Another one of my faves actually. Deliciously written.

Mehnaz said...

PS: What are you still doing up?