Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 8: Roses

A while ago, a lovely friend of mine gave me three roses, when I met him for a coffee date.
One was an apology for having missed our get-together sometime earlier
One was for my birthday (which had passed)
One was for being me.

I'm not a roses kind of a gal. In fact, the last time I got any flowers was years ago, and generally, I don't think much of them. I'm also allergic to them. But it was such a beautiful gesture altogether. Melted my heart.
Sometimes it's nice to get something you never knew you wanted in the first place :)

When was the last time you got or did something like this for someone?


Pico said...

It was some time ago, but I once clean out a friend's closet while he was at work and left happy notes in the sock drawer for him to find later.

Your roses are gorgeous and your friend is wonderful.


Pico said...

^ Cleaned, not clean. Oops.

Mehnaz said...

how lovely :)

Kathryn said...

Generally I receive flowers after recitals or concerts. Which I love. But oddly enough I have always felt kinda weird when guys give me flowers on first dates.. just because it is ultimate cheese and I don't like being fussed over...

But when I was in Chicago at teacher/friends recitals I gave out flowers... which they thought I was odd and wanted something from them. it is interesting how people view gestures..

Mehnaz said...

totally true!

What one gesture means to someone and what to another. Somewhat crossed signals.
But it's always lovely to get flowers from a great man, friend or otherwise!