Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 5: Doses of Reality

For those of you who might visit the Ghetto often, you'll probably know that I'm a bit of a realist. My hours of happiness are usually punctuated by some doses of reality. I think it's important to stay grounded.

To many optimists, I appear to be a pessimist altogether. I don't think that the case at all actually. I work in international development, and it's what I've studied. I try and keep up with it. Every day, you hear about some atrocity somewhere in the world. It's hard to think positive when people are starving, things are being blown up and diseases run rampant. But if I wasn't at least partly a positivist, I would have quit a long time ago. To work in development means you have to believe that there is hope for change. You have to believe that there is some semblance of a good world out there.

That only translates to real life because I know that things can always be better and things can always be worse. While there is nothing wrong in being the eternal optimist, I think at times, there is a tendency to put those blinders up, where the possibility of failure just doesn't exist. Somehow I think that's wrong. Being a pessimist isn't that great either. It's a bit of a downer actually.

It's good to believe in change. Not just positive change. Change keeps you moving and striving and it kicks you into being alive It appears I have rained on a parade quite early in the morning. I just wanted to make my opinion on the contested realist/pessimist argument. I'm just a middle of the roader who has a tendency to believe that if every cloud has a silver lining, every silver lining has a cloud :)