Sunday, July 26, 2009

Post 44: Risking Someone's Life

Next idea post came from Noorin in London. She asks: Have you ever risked someone else's life.

My answer I think would have to be no. Unless you count my erratic driving methodology, then yes. Seriously, I have no sense of my car. Watch out. I think that I'm relatively careful with other people's presence when I'm around (not that I'm extremely dangerous as a human being or anything).

I do know of some stories of people who have nearly died because of someone else's foolishness. At one point, it involved a drunk driver who took his child and a friend for a drive and knowing full well that he was in shape to be operating a vehicle at all. There was much swirving and they barely made it home in one piece.

Not only is risking someone else's life incredible irresponsible, it's also very selfish. Not that i'm condoning risking your own life, but that's one's own issue. If your involve other people, you have no consideration for them at all. It then becomes a philosophical issue, which might be too complicated to discuss here. It all does come back to the sanctity of life. Whether you value your own life enough to consider others.


Anonymous said...

A heavy topic for such an hour, ma chere.

(you are almost there!)

Mehnaz said...

true. and yes i am :)
and you're still awake!

Anonymous said...

I am--but I am starting to fade, so I may not last much longer.
I do not have your stamina!