Sunday, July 26, 2009

Post 42: Marry a Man with No Charm

My mother and I were having a conversation today somewhere between the frenzied posting extravaganza and we discovered something strange. Men who are charming, and sweet talkers often have nothing behind them. Generally, in the pattern of my life, it's men with no prospects, or future or plans of any sort. They manage to talk their way through the next day and then the next. I think it stops at the charm. Many a time I've thought that I liked someone only to find out that there's nothing else of substance going on in their lives.

It's disappointing on so many levels.

Lucky me that there haven't been very many of them. It's still disappointing nonetheless.

So our new plan is to marry men with no charm to them whatsoever. I figure if you're trying to compensate for the fact that you don't drip honey with every word, then perhaps there will be something else there. Perhaps you'll have been too busy planning out your future, securing your prospects and building equity to bother with the poetics of verbage. Charm, like looks, will eventually fade and become less appealing when people discover that the lights are on, but nobody is home. If you can't hold up your end of the bargain after that, we're in a bit of trouble.

It's not exactly the most secure plan on this plan, but then again, what is?


Pico said...

The men I have been meeting recently have no charm. I am not totally sure I would recommend it. ;)

Mehnaz said...

It's a working theory. I have yet to try it out. Hope you're hanging in there!

Anonymous said...

I agree! It goes back to the old saying about being "all style and no substance." The way they over-emphasize the surface speaks to an insecurity about depth. It points to a feeling of inadequacy, which is unfortunate because I am sure that if they were to really look deep down inside, they would find something quite special.
But, I guess this is the predicament of masculinity, its fragility.
Oh, boys . . . !

Mehnaz said...

boys indeed!