Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 4: Shout Outs to My Fellow Bloggers!

I'm not the only one blogging today. Luckily, there is a League of Extraordinary Bloggers out there in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley who are blogging up a storm today. Man, that series of tubes is going to be busy today.

Here's a list of shout outs from Miss604's blog (Organizer of Vancouver's blogathon. Fantastic lady, awesome blogger). Some new faces and some old ones from last year that I recognize. Glad to have them all on board

Rebecca Bollwitt (Miss604), Tiny Bites, 604Foodtography, Hummingbird604, Shane Gibson, Barbara Doduk, Fraser Valley Pulse, World Wide Watercooler, DDA, Justin Yang, Liberation BC, Bluefur, Shane's World, Think Referrals, Brady V, Langley Politics, Beth Snow, Karen Fung, April Smith, Ganga Narayanan, Matthew Naylor, Aidan, Iris Dias, Mitch Baldwin, Catherine Omega, Lorraine, 101 Friends, Duane Storey

Many more around the world at

So that's my official shout out. Happy Blogging guys!


Ernie said...

Hi Strawberry;
We're blogging in Vancouver too!

We'll have to get ourselves on Miss604's list.

Mehnaz said...

Hey Ernie! I'll add you too!

Duane Storey said...

Thanks for the shout out! Keep up the good work!