Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 33: 5 Most Underrated Musicians

I really do love this whole list thing. It's making life so much easier. Although I should probably save some for later. If I get incoherent, I'll just put up pictures later :)

1. Imogen Heap - I love her music. I don't think she's mainstream enough. She may be more famous in the UK (her home town). Have a listen to her music. Some of you will probably recognize "Hide and Seek"

2. Marc Robillard - He's Canadian. I first heard him on Bravo Videos and I loved his songs. He's got this raspy thing happening. Totally worth a listen!

3. Ron Sexsmith - He's so fantastic. I think most of you will remember his song from a few years ago called "Whatever it takes", but he's worked with so many people including Coldplay on a song called "Gold in them Hills". If Coldplay likes him, you should totally check him out.

4. Wintersleep - Again, heard on Bravo Videos and they have a great sound. I believe they were at Pemberton last year. Sad to have missed them, but they're fantastic.

5. Tom Waits - He's old school, and a total crank, but I think he has this heavy feeling of history to his music. Even though some of it sounds like Sea Shanties. I can't help but listen to "Alice" on winter nights when it's raining.


Pico said...

Well, spectacular! I don't know any of these artists and my playlists are all horribly out of date. Off to iTunes I go. :)

2/3 of the way home! Rocking!

Mehnaz said...

good show! I love new music so I look for it often :)