Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 3: How NOT to Crash and Burn During a 'Thon

'Thons of any kind are really hard to do. I did the Blogathon last year and I was doing fine until about Hour 16, which is really when you start to lose it. I'm sure there are already tips out there this year, but mine are a little bit different. I recently went on a no-sugar diet, which pretty much eliminates the prospect of starbucks, cookies or marshmallow peeps for me for the next day. So here are some tips on how to survive and now become the Hell cat that you may suddenly want to become sometime later in the day:

1. For the love of all that is good in the world, stay Hydrated! And by that I don't mean drink extra beer to compensate. Good ole water needs to be happening. It'll stave off any headaches you might get and keep you buoyant. And if nothing else, at least you'll have to stretch your legs several times, having to go pee.

2. Keep the Cookies and sugary foods to a minimum. My sister bakes. There is no shortage of delicious goods in the house. But this new sugar-free kick of mine will not allow this. So I will have to think of alternatives such as some nuts, fruit, crackers, cheese. Something carby but not crash and burny.

3. Get up and stretch. You'll start to feel it in your shoulders after a while. And boy will you be sore. Get up once in a while and move around or else you'll really feel the effects tomorrow when you wake up.

4. Keep your naughty hands busy or for that matter, your head. Listen to music, browse a magazine, give your eyes a rest. Go catch a bit of TV. it's saturday. there's plenty of trashy TV on.

5. Engage with fellow bloggers. There are over 200 of us hanging about today. Find some pals either in person or on twitter/facebook and get chatting. They'll give you ideas, and you can all have a jolly good time about it all.

So those are my tips for staying sane and alive. Please don't hate me because I took away your cookies. You'll take me later :)


She Became A Butterfly said...

hey girl! i'm part of team pico too! stopping by to say good luck!


Raul (hummingbird604) said...

It does affect you, I agree! But you will do great, I am sure!

Pico said...

That is an awesome set of helpful (and totally true!) tips. I'll be thinking of you as I dutifully eat healthy vegetables this afternoon.


Mehnaz said...

Thanks SBAB - I'll be dropping by your place soon!
Raul - glad to see you back this year. Happy Blogging!
Pico - I think I'll be doing the same. thanks for checking in :)