Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 27: 5 People to Meet in Heaven

I'm reading Mitch Albom's book "5 People You'll Meet in Heaven" (in french). So that got me to thinking about the 5 people I'd like to meet in heaven (should there be one, and more importantly, should I end up there!)

1. William Shakespeare - How cool would it be to have a conversation with the Bard himself? Pretty freakin' awesome. Sure beats seeing the movies about his life!

2. Dorothy Parker - I feel somehow connected to her writing and to the kinds of things she went through. Plus I'd like to ask her what it's like to work for the New Yorker.

3. Kahlil Gibran - Because he's one of my favourite poets of all time and I'm sure we could talk about life and love and philosophy.

4. A/ Several Great Grandparents - I sadly don't know much about them. We don't have rich historical records so it would be nice to ask them what it was like for them to grow up. Sure would give you some perspective on your own existence, I should think.

5. Beethoven - I think he's misunderstood. I'm sure he'd have a lot to say. Plus it would be great if he could play "Pathetique" sonata for me :)

That's my 5. How about yours?


Rachel said...

It would be quite amazing to meet Shakespeare.

Anonymous said...

So interesting, ma chere! Gibran is absolutely beautiful!
If I had to choose, I think it would be the following:

My great grandmother too—she lived and raised her family in Persia, and this is a heritage that has always interested me and about which I have always been proud.

Marlene Dietrich—she is just amazing and beautiful and so interesting! I would love to ask her where she got her tuxedo’s tailored!

Geoffrey Chaucer—He is someone who would have things to say! And I love his generous understanding of the complexity of the human condition, and his wonderful sense of humour!

Giovanni Boccaccio—for the same reasons as Chaucer. And wouldn’t it be an absolute hoot to have these two at the table together?!

Michel de Montaigne—his careful, thoughtful consideration of the world in which he lived. He has such an interesting mind, and wonderful writing style.

(Of course, top on my list of people to chat to is Madonna—but she is still gracing this little planet with her incomparable fabulousness, and God-willing, will be for a very long time yet! )