Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 23: 5 Things I Believe In

I'm trying to spread out my content so I'm not doing all the easy stuff in one go. I'm quite sure it's going to be difficult to wax philosophical at 2 in the morning. So here are 5 things I believe in:

1. Give and Take - I believe that there have to be two sides to everything. I believe that this is the crux of a good friendship. If I call you call me. As they say in Hindi "Baat karne se baat badhthi hai. Roz bathein kiya karo humse" (Oops 6th language! means conversation happens when both of us talk, so please talk to me often). I agree!

2. The Law of Averages - If I was anything but Ismaili, I might just believe in this anyway. I believe if it went up, it'll probably come down, and average over the course of a while. That way there's no reason to get really bent out of shape over anything. It'll all even out in the end.

3. Karma - I believe how you treat people and the way you act in general will come back to you in the end. If you're terrible, than you had better just stay indoors.

4. God - yeah, I believe something larger than us exists. Whether we give it a name or not, is up to us. We aren't living for ourselves though. I'm quite sure we're living for something bigger.

5. Knowledge - I believe knowledge is the root to freedom and peace. I believe ignorance is when we land ourselves in a whole heap of trouble. Whether it's physical or spiritual knowledge, I think each one of us could use a bit of enlightening once in a while :)


Anonymous said...

And this is why you are such a lovely person, ma chere!

Mehnaz said...

Je t'adore!