Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 21: Women's Fashion Faux Pas (Thought You Could Get Away Eh?)

We all know women are super-critical when it comes to their own looks. Apparently some of us aren't critical enough. Sometimes I get shoulder cramps from cringing when I walk down the street. Here are my top 5 Women's Fashion Faux Pas:

1. Office Inappropriate - I know these days we're a bit more loosey-goosey about what jives in an office environment. But there are some things that will remain inappropriate until the end of time. These include: Spaghetti Straps, Tube Tops, Anything too low cut (Sorry guys. This show ain't free).

2. Low Rise - This is for people who haven't yet developed hips and it's also so 1999. Please stop subjecting the general public to things that we don't ever want to see. Remember kids, say no to crack!

3. Free Range Girls - This is a major pet peeve of mine. Imagine you have children. Now you're walking down the street with them. Do you let them run amock, cross roads, talk to strangers? No, you keep them contained. Same principle people. Keep those girls contained. Lock and Load!

4. Beach Wear Sans Beach - Again, I know, with the heatwave, and the clothing being all chafey, we all want to get down to our knickers and get this party started. Well, it's just not appropriate to show that much skin walking down the street. Seriously, bikinis for the beach, please and nowhere else!

5. Yoga Wear Sans Yoga - Every time I've gone to Europe, I've marvelled at just how fabulously women dress over there. Not a yoga pant in sight! I know West Coasters are pretty laid back and athletic. So you might be on your way or coming back from yoga afterall. But if it's dinner with friends, drinks with the girls, movies, please leave the yoga wear at home and wear something that's a bit more flattering. You'll feel great. And the rest of us will thank you ever so much.

Well there you go. Both sides of the coin got the horns today :)


Anonymous said...

Once again, cherie, you have hit the nail right on the head! ;)
Functional clothing is not fashion, and should not be worn when not performing the function for which it is meant.

Barbara Doduk said...

I agree. Good post. I see way too many fashion problems out there... although since moving to White Rock I note, people out here are more in tune with what they should wear.

Keep up the good work, my fellow Blogathon-er.

B @ The Love Blog

Mehnaz said...

Mon Cher, let's move to Paris! honest!

B - Indeed. I've never been in White Rock long enough to notice, but might have to venture over!