Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 20: Life Without Blackberrys

A friend of mine, suggested that I write about what life would be like without Blackberries (or is it Blackberrys?).

I think I can pretty much tell you that one myself. I don't have one. I don't want one and I've sworn up and down never to get one. I think it's too much information for me altogether. I know there would be less harried people running around trying to answer emails while they walk, ride, eat. I'm already quite reliant on my phone, and being all the more reliant on some sort of super-gadget would be discombobulating. We already can't remember the time before the phone. I wonder what will happen in the future.

I'm pretty sure it's a bit of an annoyance as well. I mean having the thing beep would be a irritating at best. I'm terrible with technology. I shut off after the work week is over and I don't answer unless it's urgent. It's too much work really for me.

How do you handle the information overload? Is the Blackberry convenient for you or is it too much sometimes?


Anonymous said...

Ma chere,
Brava! I agree with you completely. There is an add on the skytrain for some similar hand-held too-much-information device that reads, "Turn your downtime into uptime." I am horrified by this. For two reasons: (1) why do we feel we need to being "doing something" all the time, and feel like boredome is the worst thing that could ever happen to us? and (2) everyone runs around screaming that all they want is just a little bit of time for themselves, and then they go and get one of those things that promises they can be in touch with everyone all the time everywhere. It baffles me.
People cannot just sit on the skytrain and look around anymore, see the people on the train, look out the window. They are always plugged in to their iPods and tapping away.

Mehnaz said...

So True!
It's like when celebrities say they don't want to be followed around and practically find paparazzi!

I knew for one, you'd agree with me on this one :)

Shaheed said...

The Blackberry is very convenient for me, I feel I wouldn't be able to comfortably cope at this point in my life without it.

Case in point: With the amount of e-mails I receive, if I didn't tend to them sporadically throughout the day, then I would have a bushel full to reply at the end of the day, and it would take away from my relaxation at the day's end. With my Blackberry I can tend to all the e-mails throughout the day and have free time in the evening and never fall behind.

Recently, I have turned my BB to the "Phone Only" setting so as to avoid any notification other than a phone call. This way, I don't get distracted by sounds for text messages, Blackberry messenger alerts, and e-mails and I can tend to them when I get a minute.

All positive really!

Mehnaz said...

Shaheed, if you like so many others are uber-volunteers and all arounders, I understand the need for the BB.
My warning, or rather proviso would be to give your full attention to the activity at hand, especially when it involves other people

I know people who check their BB's when out to dinner or at the movies (heck, even the Opera!). There is some point at which there is a line between convenience for oneself, and consideration for others. Thanks for checking in :)