Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 2: My Thoughts on MJ

A couple of my friends wanted to know what my thoughts were on regarding Michael Jackson's recent death.

Poor man. Let me tell you the story of where I was when he passed away. I was sitting at my computer when the twittersphere went abuzz with "Michael Jackson's Dead?!" messages. I thought it was another terrible rumour until I tuned into the BBC/CBC to check it out.

And then I made the mistake of tuning into CNN. At some point during the whole deluge of newsbits, came Larry King, who instantly started up on all of the various court cases that Jackson was involved in, and how he was there during the scandals, both earlier and later in his career and during that baby dangling incident. There were others too.

Now I know I'm propagating just what I'm about to trash, but it's to make a point. I thought to myself, would I want someone talking about how I went street-rat crazy after I died? Probably not. Would we talk about family and friends in a similar manner? Probably not. We would be either happy or sad that they passed away. Happy if they had a life of pain. Sad because we'd miss them.

We owe Michael Jackson just that same respect. Just because everything he did was under the spotlight, doesn't mean we have to forget that he was a formidable entertainer and a wonderful musician. Even when I lived in East Africa, everyone in the country knew his name. That's speaking to something.

When i think of MJ, my first thoughts are of his music. Not of the various allegations against him. I think we owe him just that much. When anyone passes away, we need to give them that benefit of having to rest in peace. Soon enough, we'll be joining them :)

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Phelan said...

When I heard he died, it brought back a bunch of childhood memories. I turned off the news, and although I haven't been a fan for some time, I turned on MTV and watched with my oldest son. I never thought it was right to speak ill of the dead.

(fellow thonner)

Lhyra Surbakti's chest and cafe reading said...

heh, michael Jackson,
i dont like him

Mehnaz said...

Thanks both.

Phelan: That was my reaction too. Some respect ya know.

Lhyra - to each his/her own :)

Meredith said...

I don't mind the news coverage, I really don't - they had to have something to say. I don't believe it's wrong to speak ill of the dead. What I do believe is wrong, though, is to ONLY speak ill of them. Michael Jackson was an amazing humanitarian and contributed SO much to the world of entertainment, influencing dozens of current superstars. That should have been part of the coverage too. I am a longtime Michael Jackson fan, and I know he had his good and bad parts. The coverage should have been balanced too.