Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 18: 10 Cities I'd Want to Live In

London, view from South Bank, Credit: Me!

A friend and fellow MAISer, Jen suggested I talk about 10 cities I might want to live in and why in the world I'd want to move there in the first place. Oh International Studies students, we're so nomadic. So here's my list. Note: The number doesn't really mean rank, so don't think I like Number 1 better than number 5!

1. London - Sheer pace of life and culture. I have been there so many times and I keep going back for more. It has a homelike quality for me anyway and I know the city a bit better than other cities.

2. Montreal - it's probably the closest I'd get to anything French aside from Paris, which is a scary place to be. Montreal is also gorgeous. I remember finding a very ornate looking Blenz coffee that quite impressed me last time around. Plus the Comedy Festival is hosted there. What's not to love?

3. Ottawa - It's all government-y and wonderful (not the government, the city). I like all the different architecture going on there and I like that it's a slower pace of life. Sometimes that's a good thing and a total difference from number 1! And I'd likely get a job there.

4. New York - It's a bit push and shove and all of that business, but again, I think the variety of things to do and the easy access to things all about would be just fantastic. For once, I want to feel New Yorky!

5. Zanzibar - Okay, it's not so much a city as an island that you could probably walk around in about 2 hours. I went there as a child and I loved it. Stone Town is gorgeous and I think if ever I wanted to live Island style, I'd go back home and take the boat across!

6. Vancouver - Duh! It's fantastic. I love the water. I love being able to go outside my house and breathing fresh air! It's perfect and the climate is just right most of the time.

7. Geneva - It's international Development Central! Home of so many UN offices. It would be great. Cold, but great. And I hear it's a gorgeous city!

8. Dubai - Ah why not. It's like the Las Vegas of the Middle East. I went there as a child, and holy opulence batman! I'm sure it's changed tons but it's a fun city to go to, and I'm sure it's just as much fun to live there for a while.

9. Marrakech - I love Morocco. I'm an architecture fiend and it has some of the greatest in terms of Islamic art and architecture. Again, I suppose it would be close-ish to the water, which is cool.

10. Milan - because secretly I'm a fashionista somewhere inside and I'd love to be there. Also I eventually want to learn Italian. I think moving to Italy might be a good start!


Anonymous said...

Here's a few others to consider:

San Francisco



St. Petersberg


San Diego

Cabo San Lucas





Cortina D'Ampezzo







Casablanca (gotta go to Rick's)

La Paz