Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 16: The Last one: Wrath!

I once remember taking a criminology course in undergrad where we discussed the psychological basis of rage. We got to the bit about road rage and how accidents and incidents of road rage increase as the temperature increases. So, the hotter it gets, the more aggressive drivers get.

Makes sense doesn't it? It's hot, the AC in your car is busted, you're all clammy and gross from hanging around in rush hour forever. I'd get mad too. But I do wonder if anyone has done any research on the flipside of things as well.

I would think winter driving would be just as dangerous, given that in horrible road conditions you're wound up, trying not to run into other drivers, controlling hydroplaning and all of that fun stuff that comes along with horrible winter weather. I should think that because you can relax a bit in the summer, there might be some kind of pattern change around this.

Couldn't find any research on it. Speaking of Vancouver, we have some hideous driving skills going on around here. A friend from Ontario thought we were all insane when he tried to drive here a couple of Decembers ago. I should think that would be sufficiently wrath-producing.

Thoughts? on wrath and driving?