Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 12: Pride

It's okay to ask for help. Really it is.

There is a kind of stigma still out there to asking for help. People are just too proud to do it. I think they somehow assume that they might be perceived as weaker or somehow inept.

I currently know a family who is dealing with a grandparent with Alzheimer's Disease. The condition seems to be progressing, but the caretaker refuses to ask for help from other family members or even external help. It's a bit sad because the caretaker is close to burnout at the moment. It gets harder, the closer you get to it. Impatience and anger quickly set in, not to mention fatigue and health problems.

I think there is a point at which pride becomes detrimental to your wellbeing. I do wish that people would ask help more often. What do you think? Are we slowly overcoming the stigma of assistance or is it always going to be a struggle?


Amber said...

I don't think humans will ever get over inner fears all at once. There will always be people out there who are too pig headed and stubborn to ask for help. Overcoming the fear is different on a person to person basis and can't be wiped out completely.

Mehnaz said...

good point, Amber!

Kathryn said...
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