Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 11: Greed

I must confess (it appears I'll be doing that a lot today), I am in love with HGTV's realtor shows. Love them. All of them. I especially love House Hunters. There's always one thing I don't understand though. Why does everyone want a pool??

Reactions from the buyers usually go something like this: "it's nice with all the hardwood flooring, granite counters, and marbled columns. But I really wanted a pool, and a seventh garage, and a billiards room, and a small army of butlers for my dog if that's possible...I'll have to sleep on this one"

If your house is big enough to fit all of Ethiopia into it, I think that's pretty good. And you should probably stop before you get too ahead of yourself.

It's also really funny when you see people moving to vacation destinations for their second homes. You see European houses and can see how much smaller they are compared to those cavernous mansions in the US.

I wonder if there's a limit to wanting to accumulate things. Frankly I'm fine without a pool. I'd drown anyway if I had one!

picture of Newport Mansion courtesy of Trip Advisor


Pico said...

It is a very good thing my dog does not know he could have an army of butlers. I must make sure he does not read this entry and get big ideas.

Mehnaz said...

Your dog can read?? awesome!

nikhat said...

oh my god, i love house hunters too! besides the swimming pool thing, I've always wondered how everyone knows the in's and out's of countertops and crown moulding. give me a break, everyone can not be home design expert! can they?!?

Mehnaz said...

well, I don't know about you, Nikhat but I know everything there is to know about wainscoting. Did you know it's not named after a guy called Wayne Scott?


I agree. Everyone's an expert. You should watch Property Virgins. Sandra really knows how to knock those high hopes down!