Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 10: The Seven Sins Series: Envy

In order to be thematic and to have something to think about, I decided it might be a good idea to do a Seven Sins series in blogathon this year. I might write a short, probably true story for each one. Don't worry, I'm not in the game to offend anyone and will stay right away from religious references. First post: Envy!

I have the devil's curly hair (okay, only one religious reference, promise). I have always envied people will straight hair. So dark and smooth and no frizzies at all. My entire family has been blessed/cursed with curly hair and there's not a thing I can do with it at all. Until, I got my flat iron.

Just yesterday a woman who sees me rather regularly, asked me whether my hair was that straight or whether I had flat ironed it. She said it was always so glossy and straight so she wondered (not bragging, her words). When I told her that it was super-curly and completely artificial, she was gob-smacked!

Mission accomplished.

It's funny how we always envy what people actually have and are never happy under our own circumstances. I try to be happier with what I have (I have it for a reason), but I am just not willing to make sacrifices in the name of hair!