Saturday, July 25, 2009

Post 1: And It Begins! All About the Cause

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Top of the mornin' (Literally) to ya! I hope everyone is well on this fine blogathoning day. I'm excited to join my fellow Vancouver bloggers and those from around the world as we rally together for 24 hours to raise money for our respective charities. Check us out at

My cause this year is the Tumaini Children's Project. I have been lucky enough to work with them for several months as a writer for their website. They are launching a new one later this summer and I've had the honour of working with Julie and her team to put forth the message of the good work they do.

Tumaini means "hope" in Swahili and TCP gives hope to HIV/AIDS orphans who live in Kenya, helping to put them through school, providing basic necessities and supplies. Tumaini is also doing sustainable development projects in Kenya, such as the Asembo Bay Computer Centre Project, which is meant to house a small village's computer centre and library. A valiant effort I say!

As a partnership between Canadian and Kenyan youth, Canadians have a chance to go and work side by side with their counterparts to make change happen. Check out the Piga Picha Project blog from last year's trip to Kenya. Fantastic work I say.

So I think to myself. If I literally bought a latte every day for about 2 weeks, I would spend enough money to feed, clothe and provide necessities for a child for an entire year. Yes. That's how much it takes.

So here's a small challenge. Skip your Saturday Latte and donate money to the Tumaini Children's Project. You'll be decaffeinated, but someone out there will be fed instead :) I hope you have a chance to check out their website :)


isabella mori said...

hey there! on my way to workspace with raul i was saying, mehnaz is someone i haven't talked to yet! and here we are.

not directly participating in the blogathon but supporting people where i can. let me know if you'd like a guest post!

Mehnaz said...

Thanks Isabella! Will do :)
I hope all the folks at workspace are well! Thanks for your support.