Thursday, July 16, 2009

On Debt and Adventure

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So it's now summer time; time for vacations to far away and beautiful places; Time for people to post their entire adventures on Facebook for all the world to see; Good times. Maybe.
I was having a think the other day about the state of the economy and people's proclivity to "take off" despite their financial circumstances. I think this is a time for prudence.

I wonder if Generation Y is setting itself up for yet another economic crisis. I've often asked myself how people can afford to travel to five countries in a matter of a year. While some of the folks I know have really fantastic jobs that afford them the financial and temporal opportunity to go to Switzerland for a week at a time, I do wonder for those Gen Y'ers yet to take off who are living like the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

I've always been conscientious when it comes to money and I refuse absolutely to live outside of my means. I only go on vacations that I can afford. So I'm having a tough time grasping the idea of people who travel on their credit cards. Are we deferring things to the future only to fall into the same economic traps that are plaguing us right now? Sometimes I think we are. No matter how large your line of credit, I think it's a major risk to take to do something today that you could probably put off until a time of financial stability.

People might argue that there is no time like the present and seize the day. But I beg to differ on that account. I'd rather not jeaporidise my future and the future of any children or my retirement (or nieces and nephews in my case), for a series of Facebook photos in Acapulco. This is what you get from a person who has been surrounded by accountants all her life.

Sorry if this sounds a bit ranty, but I worry about the state of the world. What do you think? Is the debt worth the bit of adventure? Are people too risk averse? Or are they too fast and loose with their finances?

Apologies for not having written in a while. Blogathon is next week and I'm trying to save my juice for then. Remember, I'm still taking ideas if you've got em! Have a nice rest of the week folks!


Karim Kanji said...


What a departure from your usual ghetto blog. But I think it's a good observation. Thanks for reminding us about the perils of credit and the benefits of being frugal.

Have fun with the blogathon!

Are topics open or is there a theme you're writing on?


Mehnaz said...

Hey KK,

was on my mind and I thought what better place than the ghetto. I'm trying to be socially relevant :)

topics are open. Would love suggestions :) Themes welcome too!