Friday, July 10, 2009

Gimme Some Sugar (Please!)

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So here's the latest in health related endeavours. I have been sugar-free for the last week. My sister and I decided to cut it out of our diets. Well the processed and table stuff anyway. As most of you know, I have a major sweet tooth. This blog is no stranger to delectable dessert photography and crazy christmas baking shenanigans. But I thought the sugar was getting a bit oppressive, and so in order to be of better heart and mind, the Zo and I are keeping each other off our sugary vices.

Why in the world am I doing this? It's all part of my "I don't want to die sick and early" goals. Diabetes runs in the paternal side of my family. I have too many nice shoes to have my foot cut off because of a stupid piece of cheesecake. And I don't want to get wrinkles (sugar is bad for your skin, apparently). So I'm allowing myself a bit of jam with my breakfast and sugar in my coffee. No cookies, cake, pop, juice, candy etc. Sigh. I miss cake.

The first couple of days were really hard and Zoyah and I both ended up with wicked headaches. i"m still getting those in the evening at times, but I feel a little better. The cravings, strangely have subsided. I'm floating up to my eyeballs in various fruits. Plus mother's regaling us with the virtues of freshly made juice, which apparently will cure anything from acne to your DOA love life. I'll let her have her fun. At least I'm getting the nutrition that I need!

I shall keep you posted as to how this is going along. Perhaps in a months' time or so!

If ever you are interested, cut things out slowly. I started with my after-dinner cookie binge. And now I'm up to the juices (only fresh allowed). Wish me luck. This is probably the hardest thing I've ever done!

Anyway kids, eventful weekend coming up. I shall catch you all next week. Remember, blogathon is 2 weeks away. Send send those ideas!


Vasta said...

Wow, good luck on that sugar purge. I don't have much of a sweet tooth so I doubt I'd miss it much, but I know people that would probably go literally insane if they had to do it. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Gooood luck!

Mehnaz said...

Thanks SV!
I felt like I was dying the first couple of days but seem to be okay now.
I'm always afraid that if I were ever in a dessert frenzy i'd eat my own fingers by mistake :P
So far so good. Gangrene no more!

The Zo said...

Fondant, anyone?
heehee so that cake-decorating was quite le fiasco :) But definitely a test...and we passed!
Congrats, sistah!

Karim Kanji said...


Congrats! No sweets, eh? As healthy as that sounds I can imagine how tough it is. Especially during the summer - ice cream, cream.

Ok! I'll stop!

Good stuff Mehnaz!

Mehnaz said...

The Zo - No Fondant! Please!

Karim - Thanks! It's not that bad. the after dinner cookie craving can get to be a bit much, but other than that, I don't feel like I'm missing out. we shall see how it goes. Feel free to join Vasta in crossing thy fingers :)