Sunday, July 26, 2009

Post 49: As they Say in Swahili, Asante Sana (Thank You Very Much)

My second ever Blogathon is now complete! I am happy, and tired. Most of all I'm just glad I can stop typing (this makes you never want to touch a computer ever. again. )
There are loads of people to thank this year (I'm not linking because I'm exhausted. Go to post number 2 to figure out who they are).

Thanks first off to Rebecca for rallying all the Vancouver bloggers together. We couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks to my fellow bloggers: Gary, Duane, Raul, Barbara and Catherine (and others) for spurring me on.

Thanks to the folks at for putting together such a great event and providing all of the support we needed for 24 hours around the world. I know you were busy. Thanks to Pico for keeping me awake and "monitoring"

Special thanks to my Posse: Michael, Nosh, Julie, Mel, Jen and all of the others who made a point of dropping by to give words of encouragement and to suggest topics. Wouldn't have done it without your support.

A big gooey thanks to Mum and Zoyo for the food and for hanging around for way past your bedtimes.

Thanks too, to everyone at Tumaini for being awesome. I hope we started something today that may carry on in the future.

Remember folks, there is still time to donate and show your support.

I am taking a very much needed rest from blogging for a couple of weeks. You have plenty to wade through for that time. Signing Off for now!
Ciao for Niao!


Pico said...

You did it! I absolutely loved reading your blog, and will definitely be back once the madness ends to read the bits I only had time to skim. Awesome, outstanding job.

Now: get some sleep and enjoy your well-earned break. :)

Zoyo said...


Je suis tres proud of toi!

You did an awesome, stay off the computer for a good little bit so you can recover from the carpal tunnel you probably have acquired!

Seriously, though, awesome job and I sincerely hope you raised wads o' Cash for Tumaini!

<3 xoxoxoxoxo


Mum said...

Well done, darling!

Bravo! I knew you could pull it off since you are the most committed person I know!

I almost felt like you were on a long fast and I needed to supply you with all the ooey gooies I could (which you hardly touched and went for the water, instead!)

All in all, kudos my sweetie!

Mehnaz said...

Pico, thanks!
Thanks for all your support as well. Do come by and visit once in a while. I'd love to hear from ya!

Family - yer awesome! thanks for the treats and the love :)

Ganga said...

Asante Sana, Thank you as well, Mehnaz, for your encouraging comments on my blog at the 'thon! And congrats! I need to spend the next week or so catching up on all the amazing blog posts by all our fellow Vancouver blogathoners! :)