Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Holy Heatwave Batman!

Current Mood: Hot!

Current Song: Painter by Norah Jones (it's been in my head since yesterday).

It's been marvellously warm for the last couple of days. It's not annoying yet because it's so new, but being out in the sun on sunday was kind of a bit much. We got up to the balmy mid-twenties for the Partnership Walk. You try walking 5K at noon. Whew! Suffice it to say that I've turned a strange shade of brown that I haven't been in a long time now. I'm such a bubble girl when it comes to the sun...

Needless to say it was fun with all the food and matching t-shirts. I think it was actually the best one yet. It's good to see other Vancouverites turn out for the event, and there seemed to be way more corporate teams (including ours!) than there have been in past years.

A shout-out to my mom who raised over 2 grand for the walk and it was her first time ever fund raising. She's such a rockstar like that.

I'm not writing much today, but here are a couple of shots from the walk. Amusez Vous Bien!

Wristbands for poverty!

We got some fruit pastry, because clearly the giant burger we ate wasn't enough.