Monday, June 22, 2009

Best. Night. Ever.

Current Mood: I have no voice, I am dead tired, and I've never been happier

Current Song: Life in Technicolour by Coldplay.

Let me tell you about the unrivalled best night of my entire life. This will probably top my wedding or the birth of my children in any case. As you well know, I'm a HUGE fan of Coldplay. I'm not talking creepy fandom here. More like religious pilgrimage. So yesterday after 3 years in the making (thanks in part to a series of unfortunate events), I finally FINALLY got to go to their concert at GM Place.

It was the Viva La Vida tour with special guests the Howling Bells and Snow Patrol. Both really amazing bands. Snow Patrol had loads of energy and got the whole crowd really pumped before the star attraction.

Coldplay had some amazing surprises in store, including butterfly confetti during "Lovers in Japan" and yellow balloons during "Yellow" (duh).

They even went to the first balcony and played in the middle of the audience. I had the time of my life. And I did things that would probably have me reprimanded pretty badly if I was still singing. I've never sung so loud and so out of tune in my life.

And don't worry, I didn't cry during "Fix You". I may have gotten a little bleary-eyed at some point, but there were no tears shed.

At the end of it all, we got free CD's and memories of a lifetime (even though I totally forgot to put the memory card into my camera and could only get 8 pictures. Lame. I know). See pictures below :)

Viva La Vida, Tour 2008!

Sing Alongs in the audience (thanks to a crap ass camera. I couldn't take my D40 in. Boo!)

Gary from Snow Patrol. Gained a new appreciation for them last night. Worth every note!


Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful! I'm a huge Snow Patrol fan, I would have gone just for them...but hey, who doesn't love Coldplay?

So glad you're happy and that this brought a smile to your face. And as weird as it sounds, maybe it's best you didn't get to take too many photos: that way, you got to experience it all fully instead of worrying about documenting the experience.

Mehnaz said...

Thanks SV!
Yes, it was much needed after a rather rough week.
And I totally agree about documenting. I'm glad at some point i had to put the camera down and sing along :)

Matthew said...

Sounds awesome! Snow Patrol is awesome - if you don't have the 'Final Straw' album (one of their early ones) I strongly recommend picking it up. Amazing from start to finish! Cheers! -Matt

Mehnaz said...

Thanks Matt.
No, I haven't got that one, but i'll add it to the ever-growing list of music I need to purchase :)
Thanks for commenting!