Thursday, May 28, 2009

Want to Help Global Poverty? Walk it Off!

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I wanted to take some time out today and tell you folks about the World Partnership Walk taking place this weekend at Lumberman's Arch in Stanley Park (Vancouver). It's the largest walk dedicated to helping alleviate global poverty. Put on by the Aga Khan Foundation Canada, the walk helps to raise awareness about programming aimed at solving problems related to poverty as well as raise funds. The funds are then matched by the Canadian International Development Agency. The cool thing about the walk is that every single dollar raised goes towards the programming.

It's a very cool event that my family and I (barring any unforseen circumstances) have been attending for many years. It's usually a fabulous day weather-wise, that we get to spend by the beach, eating, and watching the entertainment. Not to mention walking with friends.

So here are my top 5 reasons why you should come out and support:

1. It's a great cause. What better cause then to help some of the world's poorest better their lot. You'll feel really good about making a difference. We all say we want to make a difference. This is your chance!

2. You'll get some exercise. Trust me, you need it (kidding!). We all know the grim spectre of beach season is upon us. So get out there, and walk with your pals, family coworkers (or enemies if that's what you like). Your heart will love you. Your legs probably won't, but it's worth it!

3. We have food! And it's really good! Nothing like a honking burger after a trek around the Sea Wall :) You know you're down with it.

4. Get out and enjoy the sun, poindexter! You look kinda pale. It's going to be great weather and so you should get out there and get some vitamin D into that skin of yours. Not to mention, enjoying the awesome seabreezes. Don't forget sunscreen!

5. Come out and enjoy the entertainment. I'm not talking little old ladies in tracksuits with coiffed hair. We have music and stuff too!

So there, I've made my case. I hope you'll come out and join us for an awesome day. If you're not a vancouverite (my condolences), then check out the website to find out where your city will hold their walk.
Oh, and don't forget to visit for Toronto's social media superheroes helping to fight global poverty one tweet at a time!

See you all soon after some very sore legs and some very full bellies :)


Karim Kanji said...

Thanks for plugging our A Social Movement initiative. There is also a cool video on YouTube that can be found at

It's amazing.

Enjoy the weekend!

Are you gonna post pictures?

Mehnaz said...

awesome! i saw it already :)

I'm thinking of taking my compact camera, instead of my big honking one...hoping to post some perhaps early next week...

you enjoy the walk too. I hope you guys get good weather!