Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lesson 2 for 2009: Let It Go

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As part of my ongoing and sporadic series of telling you how to live your life, I present lesson number 2. This one's been a pretty giant one for me in recent years. Let it go. Just. Let. It. Go.

I hold grudges. I'm never apologetic about it, because if I feel like I've been wronged, someone will forever be in my black books (unless they apologize of course, and mean it). It's not good, I admit, but I do it. The hardest thing to learn is to know when to let things go. I'm not only talking grudges here. I'm talking all kinds of memories that we hang on to for the sheer fact that they offer us some kind of consolation, perhaps it's just the thought of how things could have been different.

This is not a healthy thing. Despite the fact that those memories can run as deep as your veins, you need to know when they are just memories and need to be put aside. We often give things meaning above and beyond what they actually deserve. Things turn out the way they do for a reason. It's a good way of exonerating yourself from ties that have been untied long ago. Plus fate will determine if they are things that will always be there or not.

I think it partially comes down to your own value. Being present enough in the now is a way of valuing your own existence and your participation in this world. Be here instead of being in yesterday.

So, if you've got something to let go of, today would be a good day to do it. I know I'm slowly exonerating myself from things I should have put aside a long time ago.

Write soon! Happy Day!


Karim Kanji said...

Wow. You really made this a personal lesson, eh? Very nice.

M said...

you have to at some point. it just takes up too much energy to do otherwise! :)