Sunday, April 19, 2009

Twenty Seven

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Today's here. Another year turned over to the past. It's early in the morning so there hasn't been too much of a hullaballoo yet. I prefer to spend the day in a quiet way. No fuss. I get to eat my birthday chicken and chips, that my mother has made for the last two decades. My sister kicks up a fuss for birthdays, but I'm trying to keep it toned down a little. I've had a chance over the last few days to reflect on what I've learned in 27 years on this earth. I thought I'd share my top 5 things.

1. Life is never what you expect it might be.

It's probably the cardinal bit of learning. I have talked in the past about how we plan our lives out. We hope to be doing something by a certain age. Funny thing is you never really do end up going the route you'd think. I thought by now I'd be a practicing family counsellor for most of my life. I'm strangely enough, a writer, and somewhat on the international development person. Life has a way of opening doors you didn't know existed.

2. The Past only takes on the importance you give it.

It's been one hell of a road so far. I can say some of my past was at best spotted with happiness. But like idol, some of those things don't make the cut. You decide after a while, where to go, how to move on and sadly what to leave behind. It's your call to make. A lot of the time, we hang on to the past for dear life, missing its familiarity, and the sense of comfort that affords us. We have to decide what to take with us. As one very wise person once said "Pain is inevitable; Suffering is optional".

3. Eventually we come to terms with who we've become.

I finally like myself. I don't think it's because I'm any better than I used to be. I'm just happier with who I am. Whether you turn into your mother ( like me) or you happen to finally accept your inner nerd (also like me), age I think is the best antidote to insecurity. And with that acceptance, also comes your happiness. It's tough to learn, but it's worth it!

4. Family and Friends: Tres Importants!

I've been lucky that as I have grown up, I've found some wonderful people to commiserate with and have some of the best friends and family in the world. They are the people who stick with me when I'm being a total ass about something, and refuse to give up on me when I've given up on myself (more than one occasion here). This year, I've been even luckier to have started networking more with some great fellow bloggers, who keep me inspired and curious. So thank you to all my friends, readers of this blog, and anyone else I appear to have forgotten. And of course to my family.

5. The Small Things Matter.

I've written blogs about this one before. I can't say enough about it. The small things are really what make life livable: the smell of rain, cherry blossoms, the feeling of a new book in your hands, an old tshirt, an email from a friend you haven't seen in a long time, coffee and a good laugh (or argument). These things make up the thread that string one breath to the next. Without them life is just a random staccato of events. The older I get, the more these things matter. Makes me happy to notice them.
Well there you go. That feels a litte long winded. But I think it needed writing. Now I shall go and partake in the shopping of things (like I didn't get enough presents already!). Talk to you lot soon :)
PS: I totally stole the title from Sameer Vasta, who wrote a brilliant post about twenty seven a while ago :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Yay! Sorry it took me so long to send my wishes, have been out of town all weekend.

Hope you had a wonderful day full of family and friends...and sunshine and smiles.

Oh, and it was wonderful to read this line in your post: "I finally like myself."

It's so easy to not be happy with who we are — I know, I'm guilty of it often — and an important part of growing up is learning to love who we are and whom we've become. Thanks for writing that today, it made me smile.

Mehnaz said...

SV - Thanks for the wishes.

It was a nice birthday :)

And yeah, I like how we align as we grow up. Life's already complicated enough. That's one less thing to worry about as we grow up :)