Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good Things Come in Green Packages

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Happy Earth Week (or a belated Earth Day). Earth Day and it's affiliates has picked up some steam in the last little while. Yesterday all the television programming, blogs and twitter were all about it.
Today, I'm doing something I don't do all that often. I'm plugging! A fellow blogger Karim and a team of environment conscious folk are spearheading a project known as GREENtuity. So here's a bit about the project.

GREENtuity allows patrons visiting participating services and donate $1 at the time of purchase as a former of gratuity (greentuity? get it?). The money goes towards the worthy cause of making Toronto a greener city through Toronto Green Community. Haven't got time to fly to Toronto and visit a participating shop (you're saving carbon emmissions right??)? No problem! they have a contribute from home option too!

So, you might ask, why as a Vancouverite would I bother with something that's across the country? Well, we here in the International Development world, like to call it the ripple effect. It's not only about a green Vancouver. It's about a green Canada, and subsequently a green world. Think of it this way: We all breathe the same air! So no matter where you're from, think of making a contribution. It'll do the body good :)

Will write again soon!