Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Misfortunes

Current Mood: Relieved (story to follow)

Current Song: That new and strange one by Depeche Mode

Well, that was an interesting weekend. I think my family is going to be doomed to have bad long weekends for the rest of our lives. We either end up fighting, or something bad happens. Want to know what happened yesterday? Of course you do!

So yesterday was my mum's birthday. It was a day that my sister and I generally put some effort into celebrating and we were particularly happy about the fact that it was Easter Weekend and we would get to spend some time together. She is after all a remarkably strong woman, and we pretty much owe her our lives (literally). Well wouldn't you know it, for some reason, the power went out at about 11 in the morning. Here's the kicker. It didn't come back until about 10:30 in the night. We pretty much spent the day staring at each other. No TV, no will to live, nothing. My mom wanted bonding. Well now we're all pretty much hot glue gunned together for the rest of our lives.

The bright side of the weekend was my sister's baking (as we have noticed is pretty much the pattern for any long weekend). She made profiteroles. For those who've never had them or don't know what they are, they are these delicate french pastry balls that are filled with fresh whipped cream and doused either in chocolate or caramel. See pictures below (Oh and the candle was not decorative. we needed light to see what we were eating). If this whole Sciences kick she's on doesn't work out, she can always go into pastry making. I'm sure she'd make a comfortable living off of it. April happens to be really bad for my work out regimen. It seems to all go out the window or at least I end up trying to balance it out. Next week, I think there's some cheesecake in the works. mmmmmmmm. Will write again soon people. I'm going to go enjoy the light and electricity!