Monday, March 23, 2009

Adolescent Time Warp

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Happy Belated Navroz to everyone! Hope it was a good one if you celebrated. I love having two new years. If I screw up somewhere between January and March, I get a do-over. For some reason, this Navroz felt a bit more important than others. Perhaps because of my exitential crisis.
How goes the crisis you ask? Well I think I figured it out. Not really, but I did gain some insight. My generation (Gen Y) seems to be stuck in a timewarp. We have a prolonged adolescence, where we can act like idiots without truly growing up (If you're at a club at the age of 32, you know that there is a problem), and then there's the pressure to "grow up" and get settled. I'm stuck somewhere in the middle of that. I've come to terms with getting older. That's never my problem. At this point in time, I finally feel like my chronological age is catching up with my mental age. It's kind of nice to have people who finally understand you in your life, and to be proud of who you are internally.

What I'm struggling with is exactly where on the trajectory of adulthood I'm supposed to be. The marriage wagon is a few years away. I'm trying to figure out where this career is going, and consequently how it's going to define me.

I finally got around to doing some reading on the topic of the Quarter Life Crisis yesterday. Thanks to the Gen Y bloggers on the Brazen Careerist, I feel a lot better. I'm not cured, but I'm not beating myself up either. I learned that everyone goes through an existential crisis at some point. Some of my friends are in the same position at the moment. We're all in the same boat. Hopefully it takes off. Any nuggets of advice would be much appreciated.
Okay, some pictures from Navroz. We're doing artsy shots of Henna today :) Henna provided by my very talented sister!


Anonymous said...

Don't have any nuggets of advice to share right now, but do know you're not alone. Self-reflection and self-assessment is a good, albeit hard thing to go through.

Sending good vibes your way — kinda glad to know I'm not going through this alone, even if I am sharing it with someone on the other side of the continent that I've never actually met. =)

Oh, and belated Navroz Mubarak!

Mehnaz said...

Thanks SV!
Much appreciated :)