Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why Do You Look Like My Parent?

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Okay, I'm having a little trouble writing about love all this month, so I've gone back to my research roots. See? Here's me rationalizing again. So here goes.

I'm reaching that age where people are all getting married and having children and making all sorts of settling-down noises. Thanks to the miracles of facebook, I now have deep insight (sometimes unwanted) into what people's partners look like. Some who I have known for long periods of time, are oddly enough marrying spouses who look like their parents!

How Odd. Apparently, it's scientifically possible, and common even!

This article about some research done on how children find features of their opposite-sex parent in their future mates, says that facial features are very important, because they are an evolutionary indicator of success in propagation. It all comes back to monkeys doesn't it?

Clearly, it's doesn't apply all across the board. No cause for alarm. For some people it doesn't apply at all. I wondered what the mitigating circumstances of that might be. For instance, what is the role model of a child in a single parent family? or a same-sex family? hmmm. Interesting notions these, aren't they?

(PS: I like how I subtly veer away from writing about love. Gotta love me for it!)

Anyway, enough of that. Hopefully you're not examining your partner too closely now. They're going to think something off about you.

Yesterday I watched "A Charlie Brown Valentine" Most of you probably know I'm a huge Charlie Brown Fan. I love Lucy. I am Lucy! So here's a little video that I absolutely love from the episode. Enjoy! I shall write soon again!