Monday, February 23, 2009

We Eat, We Love (Mostly We Love to Eat!)

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I decided to dedicate today's love blog to food. It appears to be the centrepoint. We pretty much go where the food is. Nobody ever came to an event if there was no food. It would be silliness.

My own family has a long and illustrious food history. My mother really is one of the best cooks that I know. Everyone says that, but she would probably beat a lot of moms hollow. My sister is probably the best baker I know. She literally has hundreds of recipes of pies and cakes. She bakes her christmas presents and I have shown you folks before, and continually impresses me with her vast culinary vocabulary (while I sit there going, how'd you make that!). She even baked that pie you see below. Myself? I'm not a shabby cook. I have a dependable but limited repertoire of food that i like to pull out every now and then (PS: All curry is the same thing). I manage, and I won't starve...too badly.

It's great how food surrounds pretty much every thing we do. It really is the keystone for all our events from weddings and birthdays to those dreaded networking events. What would we do with our hands if we weren't holding cocktail napkins anyway? I think maybe I'll become a food writer. Though, I couldn't eat anything with bacon, and I don't eat seafood so that pretty much leaves me 4 foods I can try in various combinations. I know I'm ridiculously adventurous.

I am just going to give you my Top 5 favourite main dishes!

1. Thai Green Curry

2. Really well-made poutine

3. Deep fried chicken that is deemed Birthday Chicken because I've had it for my birthday since I was 7

4. Mishkaki (which pretty much translates to meat on a stick...mmm barbecue!)

5. Nihari (a pakistani type curry that my mother makes on ocassion. Best stuff)


Karim Kanji said...

i loooooooooove the Channa Bhatata with chips!

Mehnaz said...

with ambli ji chutney?

Anonymous said...

While I am a self-professed unagi fanatic, I have to admit that mishkaki holds a soft place in my heart because of all the JK picnics growing up.

Mehnaz said...

it's true. such a must in the summer...

Sisters are doin' it for themselves! said...

my mouth is watering, you jerk.
ps - thanks!