Friday, February 6, 2009

Love Through the Ages

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As you know, I'm writing about love this month. By now you have garnered sufficient knowledge that I'm a big nerd. There's no two ways about it. As my good friend SL says I often try to rationalize love where it can't really be. Matters of heart and such

So I was watching a show sometime last week with Fanny Kiefer and she was talking to a relationship expert about what men and women look for in each other. Evolutionarily, women look for status, and men look for physical attributes that indicate fertility (trophy wife syndrome, I like to call it). The question came up of powerful women and whether men are frightened or attracted to them. It turned out, frightened was the case for the majority.

Not that I'm a powerful woman (hardly....I'm feeling self-deprecating today...let me have my cake). I do incur some pretty interesting responses from my male friends. T always says "you'll chew them up and spit them out" and S always says "you'll eat them alive". It might be because I'm slightly more no-nonsense than the average bear. Perhaps it's my intellectual weight that makes it so (again, only as smart as you'll let me be)? I'm attracted to men who show intellectual prowess more than anything else (Brain Sex, I think they called it on Brothers and eyes never hurt either!). And let's face, most men my age (20's) haven't grown up enough to tackle that....perhaps it might help if I concede once in a while...Perhaps one of these days someone will take on the challenge

What say you, readers? Are self-sufficient women scary?

Okay, here's the picture, we so love. This is a sticker that's been on my window since I was 13 years's never moved...I never see it...on a clear day, I look right past it. For some reason, I looked at it today....


Karim Kanji said...

Cool post! Hope u find your intellectual match.

Would u like to guest post on InspirationByKarim?

Mehnaz said...

Thanks,'s a jungle out there...
I'd be delighted to guest post!:)
Hook me up with a topic, if you will :)

Sameer Vasta said...

Not scary. Alluring.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I find independent, intellectual, and powerful women even more attractive.

But again, maybe I'm just strange.

Karim Kanji said...

Mehnaz - How about a topic of your choosing. If this month's topic is love, then go for it. When done drop me a line at karim _ kanji at hotmail dot com.

Have a great weekend!

Mehnaz said...


Thanks for popping by...I think perhaps you might be in the minority! :)

KK - Will do in a couple of days :)